Nom Nom Review 2022: The Best Dog Food Delivery Service?

Nothing makes you happier than gazing into the eyes of a dog who loves and cares about you. Nom Nom offers fresh, nutritious pet food that is suitable for both dogs and cats.

Nom Nom review 2022

Nom Nom allows you to order pet food once and receive a convenient meal subscription. No more shopping at the pet store or purchasing sub-par food from the supermarket. Simply by looking at the photos of their products, you can see that they are far different from traditional kibble.

Nom Nom’s Instagram followers exceed 30,000. The company has been featured in BuzzFeed magazine, People magazine, Business Insider, and NBC News. Nom Nom pet food company has attracted a lot of attention.

But is the hype worth it?

Nom Nom pet food reviews may prove to be the best place to start when looking for healthier food options for your cat or dog. We take a deep look at Nom Nom, their popular pet meals, and customer ratings to help you decide if it is worth the purchase.

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Nom Nom dogo food review

Nom Nom Review: Overview

Alex Jarrell and Nate Phillips were the first to discover quality pet food. Harlee and Mim were the focus of their search for quality pet food. A young Australian shepherd puppy developed a compromised immune response and needed to be taken to the veterinarian.

Harlee was recommended by her vet to eat a new and healthier diet. Alex’s, Nate’s searches for pet food did not yield any suitable options. They created a brand new brand to address this problem.

Nom Nom founders collaborated with a renowned board-certified veterinary nutritionist in order to kick-start their company. Alex and Nate soon began producing nutritionally-balanced meals for dogs and felines. Every order arrives freshly prepared, just days prior.

Nom Nom is experiencing rapid growth since its creation in 2015. Their headquarters are located in Nashville and they employ 177 people. The company also has a team consisting of dogs and cats that taste the food.

Before we dive into the Nom Nom review of pet food, let’s look at some basic pros and cons.


  • Healthy and nutritious pet food for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Fresh meals are prepared only days before they are delivered
  • All ingredients are sustainably harvested in the USA
  • No measuring is required.
  • Zero waste in its facilities
  • Multi-pet and low-frequency households could save
  • Shelter partnerships offer customers the opportunity to adopt pets for discounts
  • All customers within the contiguous US are eligible for free shipping
  • Highly positive customer reviews


  • International shipping is not possible
  • Cats can only have one meal plan and no treats

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Nom Nom Review: What does Nom Nom do?

Nom Nom dog food review

Understanding your pet’s needs is key. Nom Nom offers two options for dog owners: subscribe to their delivery services or make a one-time purchase of a Variety Pack.

The Variety Pack can only be purchased for dogs. It contains four recipes in 150-gram bags, along with free jerky treats samples. This option costs $30 and is free of any commitment.

Customers will need to choose the right meal option for their pet in order to subscribe. Nom Nom will recommend the best meals for your pet if you fill out a profile.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be sent meal samples to your pet for testing. This allows you to test out how your cat or dog reacts to the food.

Once users have chosen a flavor they can customize their delivery frequency by choosing between weekly, biweekly, or four-weekly shipments. Prices can vary depending upon your pet’s weight, age, and activity level. We provide cost examples later in the Nom Nom pet food review.

Nom Nom provides discounts for multiple pets and reduces the cost of less frequent deliveries. Nom Nom offers a customer support service to answer any questions regarding pricing or pet dietary needs.

Next, we’ll discuss the different menu options for dogs and cats. Nom Nom is pet food that’s healthier and more delicious than traditional pet food. This review could help you choose the right food for one or more of your furry pals.

Nom Nom dog food review 2

Nom Nom dog food has all the vitamins and nutrients you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Each recipe has been created according to the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. All of the ingredients have been sustainably sourced.

Which protein does your doggo prefer to eat? There are four options for the Dog Food Subscription: Beef Mash (Chicken Chow), Pork Potluck (Pork Potluck), and Turkey Fare.

Nom Nom Beef Mash has beef, potatoes, eggs, and carrots as its core ingredients. Vitamin E supplements, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, and vitamin B1 are added nutritional elements to ensure that your dog enjoys the best possible meals.

Chicken Chow meals are the best option for those who love chicken and have the right vitamins to keep their dog healthy. Nom Nom’s ingredients include chicken chunks, sweet potato chunks, and yellow squash.

Pork Potluck meals are a good choice for dogs who prefer pork. This rich meal includes pork, potatoes, green beans, and yellow beans.

Turkey Fare will make your dog more energetic for Thanksgiving. It’s rich in hearty ingredients like turkey, eggs brown rice, carrots, and spinach as well as added vitamins.

Nom Nom dog food is low in calories. With the exception of Turkey Fare (1479 Calories), most meals are under 1250 calories. Your dog will love these puppy-powered meals.

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Review of Nom Nom Cat Food Subscription

Nom Nom isn’t just for dogs. There is one meal plan available from the brand for your feline. Justin Smalberg (certified veterinary nutritionist) ensures that every meal complies to AAFO Food Nutrient Profiles.

Nom Nom provides Kitties with delicious Chicken Cuisine. The meals contain protein-rich chicken thighs and breasts as well as liver and vegetables like spinach and carrots. This high-moisture dish is made to supply the necessary nutrients your feline requires, including vitamins B, D2, and B12.

Each meal is only 1194 calories. All meals come pre-portioned so that you can easily feed your cat. Chicken Cuisine meals have been created to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. All ingredients are proven to be delicious for cats, so treat your cat to a unique meal with Nom Nom’s Cat Food Subscription.

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Nom Nom Treats Review

Nom Nom Chicken Jerky or Beef Jerky is a great way to teach your dog a trick, or just show how special they really are. These meaty delights are free of harmful additives and only contain what is best for your pup.

Beef Jerky uses 100% USDA-certified top sirloin. It’s high-protein and restaurant-grade. This is both a luxurious treat and a healthy option. It’s almost like taking your dog to a top-notch steakhouse. Talk about spoiling your pet!

Chicken Jerky is high in protein and contains 100% USDA-certified chicken breast. This certification is indicative of restaurant-grade quality. After receiving these treats, your dog will be eager to wag its tail.

We were very disappointed to learn that Nom Nom Treats are currently not available for cats. The dog treats are available only as an individual purchase and not via subscription.

Nom Nom Prices

For Dogs

Nom Nom’s Variety Pack is $30. It includes samples of their Beef Mash (Chicken Chow), Pork Potluck, Turkey Fare, and Pork Potluck. The pricing for each dog food plan is determined by your pet’s weight, energy levels, and age.

Nom Nom gives an indication of the average price for the subscription.

Nom Nom Dog Food Subscription Cost

Nom Nom dog food cost


Beef Jerky and Chicken Jerky treat each cost $13 per 2 oz bag, and $20 per 4 oz bag.

For Cats

Nom Nom currently offers only the Chicken Cuisine meal subscription. These prices were estimated by WildernessCat

Nom-Nom-Review-Cat food prices

Nom Nom Customer Reviews – What do Customers Think?

The Nom Nom review of pet food found that most customers responded positively to the product based on their research. There are dozens of customer reviews on their website. Nom Nom’s customers have reported that their pet’s health has improved ever since they started Nom Nom meals.

We were particularly impressed with positive comments regarding pets suffering from serious health conditions like colitis, IBS and parasites. Check out these testimonials.

“I adopted two rescue kittens with parasites, dull and soiled coats. They also had nasty stool. They now gobble their Nom Noms and have silky, soft coats.

“Tula loves to eat when it’s dinnertime. She is now healthy, has great skin and her coat looks amazing. Her stools are also the best they have ever been. It’s hard to imagine giving her anything other than Nom Nom.

Mya was a long-term sufferer of colitis and IBS. She is also pickiest about food. Nom Nom has made her eat better and she is a perfect pooper! !”

The perfect pet poo. These are a vital part of both cat and dog’s lives. We also found glowing testimonials on popular review websites that were not only positive about Nom Nom. Here is a brief summary of Nom Nom’s performance.

  • Influenster: 26 Reviews with an average rating of 4.75 stars
  • ConsumerAffairs: 63 Reviews with an average of 3.9/5 Stars
  • Trustpilot: 1100+ Reviews with an average rating of 4.

The site users shared that even fussy eaters love the taste and their pets are happy to eat it. Customers also praised the customer service and said that the website was easy to navigate, especially in managing subscriptions. This Nom Nom Trustpilot review captures the sentiment of buyers quite nicely:

“Everything about Nom Nom is amazing! The ease of delivery, customer service and the quality of the product. Harry loves the taste, too! This was the best choice I made for Harry’s health.

We did encounter customer complaints. Trustpilot has the largest sample size so we focused our attention on that. Trustpilot customers reported that their pets didn’t enjoy the food and that portions were inconsistent. Check out this Nom Nom Pet Food review.

Like other users, it appears that there is little quality control. Website claims each packet is “perfectly proportioned,” but this is not the case. I was able to weigh 12 random 70 gram packets of fish and get 9 different weights. These range from 52 g up to 143g.

Some customers were unhappy with the customer service they received, especially when they tried to cancel their subscriptions or request refunds.

Customer complaints are not uncommon, even for the most respected companies. These customer complaints are not as significant in Nom Nom’s case.

Is Nom Nom Pet Food Worth it?

Nom Nom’s pet food review lauds their high quality and nutritious food. They provide essential nutrients to your pet’s health and are supported by thousands of customer reviews.

Nom Nom Meals are made from only natural and sustainable ingredients. No preservatives are used, which is a big difference to the food you find in your local grocery store. Although pet stores are more quality than other retailers, cans in the grocery store may remain on the shelves for several weeks and be far less fresh.

Home delivery is becoming more popular with pet owners and consumers. Nom Nom is a way to save time and avoid having to go to the store to pick up pet food cans or bags.

Nom Nom allows customers to join their adoption program and help abandoned cats or dogs find loving homes. This gives us all the warmth and fuzzy feeling.

Most vets recommend that you switch to healthier, more balanced kibble brands. While you may have to pay more for the pet’s food, it is worth it. A healthier diet will help prolong their lives, which will make them more happy and able to bring joy into your life.

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Nom Nom Pet Food Promotions & Discounts

Nom Nom’s adoption programme is a great example: customers who adopt a pet from one of its partner shelters get 20% off their orders, and $50 back for future purchases. A 20% discount is also available to new subscribers for their first order.

Nom Nom Pet Food – Where to Buy

To buy pet meals, customers need to create an account at To make a one-time purchase of pet treats, you simply need to add the Variety Pack or dog treats into your cart and then proceed to payment.

How to Order Nom Nom Dog Food

Follow these steps when signing up to the Nom Nomm subscription

  • Nom Nom has a pet profile. It includes your pet’s weight, age, and level of activity.
  • Recommendations for the best meal plans
  • Take the pouch out and test the samples.
  • Choose a meal planning that is based on key flavor elements
  • You can choose delivery frequency: every week, twice a week or four weeks.


Nom Nom FAQs

Who owns Nom Nom dog food brand?

Alex Jarrell, Nate Phillips and Nom Nom are now the owners of Nom Nom.

Is Nom Nom human grade?

Based on research, the Nom Nom review of pet food found that Nom Nom uses only high-quality, human grade ingredients.

Is NomNomNow AAFCO certified?

Yes, Nom Nom pet food and cat food must adhere to the nutritional guidelines set by AAFO.

Is NomNomNow a cooked product?

Nom Nom’s pet food review showed that their food was fully cooked. Also, the ingredients can be combined to make Nom Nom Paleo dishes.

How do I cancel my Nom Nom Subscription?

You can cancel your Nom Nom Now subscription by logging in to the website.

What is Nom Nom’s Shipping Policy and how does it work?

Nom Nom shipping is restricted to the US. Free shipping to all 48 states within the contiguous 48 is possible. Nom Nom sends customers an email with tracking information after it leaves Nom Nom’s facility. This link will provide the most current information regarding delivery.

What is Nom Nom Pet Foods Return Policy?

Nom Nom will not accept returns as perishable meals are prepared fresh to order. Customers can return their order for a full refund if they don’t notice the difference within 30 calendar days. Nom Nom customer services must be contacted to obtain the company’s money back guarantee.

How to Contact Nom Nom

For any questions not directly related to the Nom Nom Pet Food Review, please contact the company via:


Nom Nom phone number 415-991-0669