Top 4 Best Meal Delivery Services 2019

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  1. Sun Basket
  2. Hello Fresh
  3. Freshly
  4. Green Chef


Sun Basket
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Nationwide, better eating is at your doorstep with Sun Basket.  This company focuses all of its energy on the idea of providing tailored and better quality eating so that you can enjoy a great taste from foods that make you simply feel better.  What does this mean?  Sun Basket focuses on providing healthy, organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced foods so that you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and how it can make a positive difference.

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If you are living paleo, gluten-free or vegan, you know that you can often be dealing with a lot of research in recipes and food choices for sustainability as well as diet-friendly snacks or treats.  Allow Sun Basket to take the stress by deliberately offering packages for each diet type as needed.

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For $10.99 a serving, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy, responsibly-sourced foods that are going to meet your own dietary restrictions without compromise.  Since you know that a normal trip to the grocery store with your requirements can cost a lot more than that, you know just how much of a deal that is.  Plus, you get to enjoy fresh recipes and old-fashioned, good quality food while you’re at it, too.  Can’t beat that!

Get $80. off-$32 off your 1st order, $25 off 2nd, $20 off 3rd!

Sun Basket Meal Options
Sun Basket



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Healthy eating is all well and good until you have a bad day and just really want comfort food.  It’s a common problem that quickly finds its solution in HelloFresh.  The whole of this food delivery service is to offer healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods so that you can get that emotional eating feel without the bad quality, poor nutrition food.  Which, in the long run, always makes everyone feel worse.

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HelloFresh also offers meals in different plans depending on your needs.  For example, you can choose from several recipe options within a classic plan.  You can also opt for a veggie plan or even a family plan.  Each box that is delivered will comfortably feed 2-4 people and the recipes themselves often take less than 30 minutes to prepare.  Great for busy lives that still want to prioritize healthy eating.

A unique trait with HelloFresh is that they also offer delivery outside of the US, so more people can get in on the positives that exist with this modern food delivery service.  Quality eating is available at $8.75 per meal and the choices are broad depending on the plan that you choose for your diet concerns.  Comfort eating with a healthy twist – who knew?

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Freshly Meal Options

Convenience when it comes to food often means freezer meals or take-out.  Unless, of course, you’ve for a professional meal delivery service working with you.  Freshly is the perfect example.  Each meal is shipped to you fresh so that you can enjoy wonderful food in less than five minutes, even when the traditional recipe for the same meal would have taken twice that time.

Freshly is unique in that it focuses its meals and recipes on all-natural, gluten-free meals.  You can choose from breakfasts, lunches or dinners (or all three) to help you determine what kind of delivery works best for your schedule as well as your problem areas in terms of preparing meals and the time it takes to actually shop for them as well.

Choose from 4-12 meals per week and you’ll be able to enjoy gluten-free eating easier and faster than you ever thought you would.  Freshly is available in 21 states, currently, but it is constantly working at adding more areas of service.  The cost is about $8.99 a meal, and each of the carefully pre-prepared meals is going to taste so good, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without having Freshly in your life.

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Green Chef

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When you’re looking for healthy eating done your way, Green Chef is one of the best options to help you out with that.  A full meal delivery service, you can make between 6-16 meals each week with the food that Green Chef will deliver to your doorstep. 

Green Chef website
Green Chef Website

You can choose from a two-person plan or one that is designed specifically for a family.  This is especially great for those who are couples, as a lot of meal plans don’t offer competitive rates for the smaller households.

This nationwide food delivery service provides you with all of the pre-portioned ingredients for each meal so that you can enjoy a better food ratio and without having to actually portion it out for yourself.  It all costs about $8.74 a meal.

The best part is that if you don’t like one of the menus for the weeks to come, it’s easy enough to simply skip over it and do your own thing for the week.  Then jump back on track with Green Chef when the meals are more appealing to your preferences.  They also can easily accommodate (and guarantee protection from) any kind of food allergies or sensitivities, which is great for those who need it.

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Runners Up!


Since there’s no time like the present to choose quality cooking, you may as well go all the way to the top in terms of quality.  Plated meal delivery service is unique in that it works exclusively with high end meals that are going to be so fancy that delicious, you’ll swear that you were at a 5-star restaurant…in your home, that is.

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You can choose from 20 dinner options (and dessert!) every week and enjoy the option of designing the meals that are going to work best for your tastebuds.  All ingredients will show up right to your door the next week.  Designed and crafted by a Le Cordon Blue chef, you know that you are enjoying some great quality food and carefully tested recipes.

There will also be comfort in knowing that the food is responsibly sourced, antibiotic free and fresh.  Great for those who often spend hours researching to figure out where they can find the same guarantees for their own meals.

Available nationwide for the most part, you will be able to enjoy this for about $12 per meal.  When you are looking exclusively for quality food that is professional in all meanings of the word, you won’t find anything much better than Plated.



There’s nothing quite as satisfying as whipping up a quick, delicious meal that is made with good food and still impresses with its final appeal in presentation.  If you’re looking to get that “wow” factor, you can rely on EveryPlate to offer it to you in each of the pre-packaged meals.

Since the amount of people at your table does tend to vary depending on what’s going on in your life, EveryPlate makes sure that you can choose the portions in relation to the number of people expected per meal.  It’s also great when you know you want to accommodate for an exact number of portions for leftovers or favorite recipes, etc. 

The recipe cards included with each of the meals are great for simplicity as well as making sure that you can put a finished meal on the table that is made properly, and looks amazing no matter who it is that is watching.  All available at $4.95  a serving, EveryPlate promotes quality eating to match your table settings without compromising on food quality.