Top 4 Best Rated Mattresses For 2022

NECTAR Mattress

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 4 Best Mattresses

  1. Nectar
  2. Luuf (Formerly Luft)
  3. Saatva
  4. Boll and Branch

Nectar Mattress

NECTAR Mattress

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Summary: Popular and affordable memory foam mattress with cooling technology. Great try it at home 1-year trial and return policy.

Sleep is a big part of everyone’s life. It is undeniable that rest takes up 1/3 of the human life span (eight out of 24 hours), so we might as well make the most of it by sleeping comfortably on mattresses that best suit us.

So if you’re out for a new mattress and have the money to spend, it’s best to know about the Top 4 Best Rated Mattresses of 2022; choose one of these brands that we’ve chosen and got the most out of that 1/3 of our life span.

Nectar mattresses are composed of a thick, breathable base layer foam, reinforcing the other support layers. On top of the breathable layer is a thick helping of adaptive hi-core memory foam, which prevents sleepers from sinking in but at the same time conforms to the contours of their body. It’s also firm enough to have some substantial bounce. 

Nectar is often found on the list of the best mattresses due to its popularity and strong customer reviews.

Nectar mattress in bedroom

Next is a layer of gel memory foam, which gives additional support and cooling, followed by a quilted layer of gel memory foam, which provides breathability, cooling, and aesthetic, and finally, a quilted Tencel cooling cover that helps draw away heat and circulate fresh air with every movement.

Nectar mattresses are cooler than other memory foam brands thanks to their double-layer of cooling gel memory foam. The thick base layer makes the mattress more durable than others allowing the bed to last up to 8 years of regular use.

Nectar Mattress 5 layers


Unlike all the other brands listed, Nectar has only one firmness rating they refer to as ‘Just Right.’ But it is available in all mattress sizes from Twin, Twin XL, Full-size, Queen-size, King-Size, and California King, which is excellent for families with kids and teens or homes with small rooms.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar, unfortunately, could be missing out on customers who like their mattresses extra-soft or extra firm. Nectar mattresses are also available online, which is a trend nowadays but try to prove their quality through their videos.

Another caveat is that t’s only available on their website, which is also a win as there is no middleman, thus keeping prices down. Shipping is free via FedEx within the contiguous United States.

Nectar offers an impressive 365-night home trial in hopes that sleepers would get attached to the mattress for an eventual sale, plus a lifetime warranty.

As expected from the memory foam construction, Nectar mattresses adapt to the body’s contours, relieving any pressure in parts of the body that pushes most into the bed.

The foam construction also eliminates noise and motion transfer, allowing partners a good night’s sleep if one of them is active. However, as with many full-foam brands, Nectar also has weak edge support, which is a small issue for non-fidgety sleepers, not mention a lack of responsiveness for couples who have sex.

Overall, Nectar memory foam mattresses are ideal for fans of foam beds that ‘hug’ the contours of the body, shoulder, spinal and lumbar relief, as well as the silence and minimum motion transfer. Nectar wins in durability, cooling, free shipping, returns, and its 365-day trial period.

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Luuf Mattress

Luuf Mattress website 2020



Luft Mattress has changed its name to Luuf.

Age often speaks of experience, and experience is usually a good thing that gives the Luuf Mattress Company an edge over the competition. The Luuf Mattress company is America’s largest privately-owned mattress company and has been around for over 60 years and is not beholden to Wall Street, thus maintaining a high quality of manufacturing and gaining millions’ trust.

Luuf mattresses are innerspring mattresses combined with layers of memory foam. The base layer is made up of individually-wrapped coils which vary in number depending on the mattress size, followed by a layer of adaptive foam that provides support, spinal alignment, and pressure relief, then followed by temperature-regulating graphene-infused memory foam, followed by multiple layers of gel-infused cooling foam wrapped in a breathable and stretchable fabric.

woman laying on Luuf Mattress

Luuf mattresses are available in three types of firmness. The Plush Multi-sleeper is the softest and best for side-sleepers. The Luxury Firm Multi-sleeper, which is again best for side sleepers and back and stomach sleepers.

The Luxury Multi-sleeper is a bit firmer. The Firm sleeper is best for those who like their mattress firm, which is best for back and stomach sleepers. These mattresses also come in all mattress sizes from Twin to California King.

What makes Luuf mattresses stand out aside from their comfortable foam layers is that they’re constructed with several support zones that aid in the shoulder, back, and lumbar pain. The number of zones depends on the firmness level, but what’s important is that these mattresses have body support in mind. Luuf offers a free 100-night sleep trial, fast delivery, and a ten-year warranty.

Saatva Luxury Mattress


Saatva Mattress with ocean in background

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Check Price & Receive FREE White-Glove Delivery & FREE Removal Of Old Mattress

Saatva is a mattress company that started in 2010, well enough when brick and mortar stores are waning. They sell their mattresses exclusively online and try to make up for the lack of visual and lying-in tests through free white-glove delivery, high quality, and 120-night worry-free trial periods.

Saatva Mattress in bedroom

Saatva manufactures innerspring mattresses, which are most durable and can accommodate larger occupants. Proper coil mattresses also minimize motion transfer and promote ample airflow within the bed, which gives it a more refreshing feel.

What makes Saatva stand out is a perimeter edge support made out of sturdy foam, which prevents sleepers from rolling off the bed, which is ideal for heavyset adults and especially for child guest sleepers. This feature is mostly found in higher-end premium mattresses but is present in the more affordable Saatva Classic and Saatva HD.

Saatva Layers

Another stand-out feature is the dual-coil system designed to provide extreme durability for the mattress itself as well as adaptive comfort. The bed gets its durability through a 13-gauge tempered steel coil layer at the bottom of the bed.

Above it are hundreds of 14.5-gauge, individually-wrapped steel coils that adapt to body contours. The dual coil system minimizes motion transfer for sleeping couples yet provides enough bounce and responsiveness during sex. It also promotes better airflow for a refreshing sleeping experience.

Saatva Support

This cooling experience is better improved by the Euro pillow top made of fine cotton covering, polyfoam comfort layer, and dacron fiber. Beneath the Euro pillow cover is another layer of polyfoam and memory foam.

The thickness and density of these foam layers depend on the choice firmness of the buyer. These firmness options include Plush Soft for lightweight people and those who prefer softer textures; Luxury Firm, which is the most common choice; and Firm for stomach sleepers and more substantial body types and those who like it firm.

Saatva is often ranked near the top of lists on other websites for the best mattress.

The Saatva also has what it calls spinal zone technology, which adds support for the lumbar area. This is good for sleepers who have spinal or lumbar problems but could affect sleepers who are not appropriately aligned. Also, Saatva offers a 120-night trial period. It’s not unique to Saatva, but at least they also provide it to be competitive.

Saatva adjustable split
Saatva Adjustable Split

The Saatva mattresses are great for sleepers of average weight to heavyweight, especially for those who like to sleep on their backs, as they are built with lumbar and spinal issues in mind.

It’s also best for people who like to sleep on spring beds and want their beds extra cool. Comfort for side and stomach sleepers, however, is not guaranteed but is on the table thanks to its three firmness options.

To learn more, visit this Saatva review.

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Boll and Branch


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Boll and Branch is a privately owned company best known for its luxurious bed sheets, linen, and towels. They have just extended their sleep science into the realm of mattresses, and they don’t disappoint.

Boll and Branch’s foray into the mattress business is relatively recent when they released their product, ‘The Mattress’ in 2018.

The Mattress is a hybrid made up of a coil base topped with layers of memory foam, covered with organic cotton. Boll and Branch are also known for using the best materials, and The Mattress is no exception. Boll and Branch go all-out and feel that cheaper pure foam mattresses are not their style.

The coil base is made up of two layers of individually wrapped coils. These coils are specialized to provide comfort zones and are reinforced from edge to edge. These coils provide the bed with much-needed durability for increased longevity, not to mention much-needed edge support that most foam brands lack.

Coil mattresses are also generally cooler to sleep in than foam mattresses. The coils are then topped with a durable Talalay latex foam layer for added stability, followed by graphite infused latex foam layer where the graphite acts as a cooling agent and finally a soft top layer of blended wool and polyfoam for a cozier feel.

boll and branch Mattress with family on bed

However, the multi-coil layer results in a thick, substantial profile, which makes the mattress more suited to low-profile beds and spacious rooms, which makes sense given its premium market.

The coils, though, provide minimal motion transfer for sleeping couples, responsiveness during sex, and vital edge support to prevent roll-offs of ‘active’ sleepers.

The Mattress by Boll and Branch offers the best of both worlds through the support, cooling, and durability of coils and the comfort of foam, plus the softness and coziness of wool and cotton. 

boll and branch mattress layers
5 Layers with coils on coils, latex, foam, and wool

Boll and Branch offer free white glove delivery, a risk-free 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year limited warranty. The Mattress, however, is quite pricey at $1,800 or an easier $159 a month, though leaning with Boll and Branch means the cost is not much of a concern, but quality. Boll and Branch is also a purely online seller and has no brick-and-mortar showrooms.

Like the others on this list, they rely on long periods of sleep trials so customers can gauge the mattress they want.

In conclusion, the mattresses mentioned each have their pros and cons but are excellent representatives of their respective mattress types and price ranges. It’s now up to you, the sleeper, to invest wisely in what’s about to be your intimate companion for years to come.

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Runners Up!

Loom & Leaf

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove

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loom and leaf mattress

Loom & Leaf (A Saatva Brand)

Loom and Leaf is a sub-brand of Saatva or what can be considered Saatva’s foam memory mattress division. Loom and Leaf is the choice for people who like the softness and firmness of foam versus the more traditional, heavier, more robust, and sometimes creakier coil mattresses.

Loom and Leaf are made up of several layers of high-density memory foam. The memory foam is sandwiched between a layer of laminated cooling gel and a base layer of high-density polyfoam. And because Loom and Leaf are from Saatva, the brand also has white glove delivery, a 120-night sleep trial, and a 15-year warranty.

Also, Saatva, Loom, and Leaf are exclusively available online. There are no brick and mortar stores to view the mattress nor perform a lie-in trial.

loom and leaf mattress

Unlike the Saatva coil mattresses, Loom and Leaf only have two firmness options: Relaxed Firm and Firm. Memory foam doesn’t need to be too soft. These options have been proven to provide satisfactory comfort for users who sleep on either side, stomach, back, and active sleepers.

As expected from its memory foam construction, Loom and Leaf mattresses adapt o the contours of the body, relieving any pressure in parts of the body that pushes most into the bed. The foam construction also eliminates noise and motion transfer, allowing partners a good night’s sleep if one of them is active.

Loom and Leaf mattresses are composed mostly of a thick polyfoam support layer at the bottom, followed by a layer of PCF memory foam, and on top is a thin layer of gel memory foam, which provides the cooling.

Further adding to the cooling experience is a quilted organic cotton covering. The bed’s foam construction also allows flexibility in sizing as Loom and Leaf come in all mattress sizes from Twin, Twin XL, Full-size, Queen-size, King Size to California King.

Loom and Leaf memory foam mattresses are ideal for fans of foam beds, where room size is an issue, painkilling conformity, silence, and minimum motion transfer. However, the cooling gel layer on Loom and Leaf memory foam mattresses may not be enough for folks with warmer body heat than some and have weak edge support.

Loom and Leaf memory foam mattresses are also rather pricey than other foam brands of the same size. But Loom and Leaf enjoy the same benefits as Saatva, which includes free and fast delivery, a 120-night sleep trial, and a 15-year warranty.

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Loom & Leaf (A Saatva Brand) Is Found On The Saatva Website


Brentwood Home
Crystal Cove 2 Sided Hybrid Mattress
Brentwood Home Bed
Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Hybrid Queen – $1295.

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Mattress FAQ’s

What are the common factors do I need to consider when buying mattresses?

  • First and foremost is the budget. Foam mattresses are generally less expensive than inner coils.
  • Your weight influences how soft or firm the mattress should be.
  • Preferred sleeping position, whether it’s the stomach, side, or back.
  • Existing or chronic back, lumbar, or joint condition.
  • Sleeping temperature, how much body heat can the mattress retain.
  • Sleeping alone or with a partner.
  • Using the mattress for sex also influences the firmness rating. Lower firmness is better for sex.
  • Off-gassing rate.

What is Off-gassing?

Off-gassing is a new car smell for foam mattresses. It comes from the chemicals (volatile organic compounds) from which the foam is made but is only temporary once the mattresses have been used for a few days to several weeks. Off-gassing has not been proven as harmful though it can affect the chemically sensitive such as irritation and dizziness. The least problem one can have with off-gassing is the unpleasant smell.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Safe?

Generally speaking, once the off-gassing period is over, or depending on the memory foam composition used by the manufacturer. The same goes for other foam components.

Soft or Firm. What mattress is best for me?

Everything depends on you. Other factors include your budget, your height, weight, and favored sleeping position. You can test your preference at brick and mortar stores that allow lying-in tests or based on your experience in hotels or motels and can buy directly from there or buy online after testing. Mattresses that are too firm are not suitable for those that experience back and shoulder pain. Heavy individuals, meanwhile, will often not benefit from beds that are too soft.

I sleep on my side; which mattress best suits me?

Side sleepers generally require a mattress that has enough firmness for neck support but is soft enough to adapt to the body’s contours. A memory foam bed that ranges from medium-soft to medium-firm will do.

Can I return my mattress if it’s not the best fit?

Yes. The mattress brands listed on this site allow for long trial periods that extend years and can be returned or replaced. Some brands have a return policy as short as 90 days as long as the mattress has not been damaged in any way. Some brands have mandatory trial periods wherein they try to have the customer become accustomed to the bed as much as possible to prevent returns.

I Like it firm, but my partner likes it soft. What do I do?

Some mattress brands offer beds with different firmness settings. Some mattresses can be flipped where each side has a different firmness; dual-firmness mattresses have a different hardness, or you can buy two single mattresses and set them side by side. You can also compromise by purchasing a medium firmness bed.

When is it time to replace a mattress?

The average lifespan is seven years, wherein it’s time to purchase a new one. By that time, there is a certain degree of degradation in the bed’s foundation in the form of sagging, softening, and body impressions resulting in an uneven surface, which compromises the sleeper’s comfort.