Best Home Security Systems 2019


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  1. Simplisafe
  2. Vivint
  3. Deep Sentinel
  4. ADT



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Home protection has become much easier to install thanks to wireless technology. Instead of having wires run through your home to monitor doors, windows, and rooms, wireless home security allows for ample protection. Simplisafe is a company that provides 24/7 security for your home, plus the ability to call for medical emergencies.

Simplisafe Wireless alarm


Simplisafe is a home security system that offers five different versions which can be customized for your needs. The system is designed to be effective and affordable for almost every homeowner.

This home security system uses wireless monitoring to cover the entranceways to your home, including windows. Plus, it allows for cameras to be installed in any room you desire. You set up the system which includes the cameras and wireless equipment tied together to one central unit. That unit is connected to C.O.P.S. Monitoring through a cell or landline phone.

Simplisafe 14 piece plan

While primarily designed to alert homeowners of break-ins, it also allows for an emergency response to natural disasters, fires, and other dangers to the home.


There are numerous advantages when using the Simplisafe wireless home security system, especially for those who are looking to set up something fast while still being affordable.

Simplisafe Wireless Camera

Easy Installation: The entire system can be set up in less than an hour without professional assistance. Plus, you can customize it to your needs which makes it even more of a great purchase. All you need to do is set up the wireless equipment according to a step-by-step plan, activate it, and you are ready to go.

Indoor Security: Simplisafe is more than just monitoring entranceways to your home; it allows you to see inside each room for even better security. With cameras that can be quickly installed, you can choose the rooms you want to monitor under this system.

Low Rates: Starting at $14.99 per month, Simplisafe is one of the least expensive of all wireless home security systems. Also, there are no long-term contracts so that you can leave at any time. This makes Simplisafe one of the most affordable and attractive systems of its type on the market.


Even the best home security systems have their issues, and Simplisafe is no exception. However, the faults with this security system are relatively few and mitigated to an extent by the low cost.

Pay for Equipment Up Front: Unlike some other home security systems that include the price of the equipment in their monthly contracts, you have to pay for it right away. The good news is that once it is paid, it is yours. However, it’s only going to operate if you are paying the monthly fee.

No Third-Party Additions: In other words, Simplisafe is proprietary equipment which means that any apps or additions to the system come from the company itself. This does limit what can be added, which may be annoying to some customers.

Simplisafe 4 piece plan, the foundation

Simplisafe video doorbell


Simplisafe wireless home security system is put one of the best on the market for its price. It’s easy to set-up, the monthly payments are low, it covers the rooms you want, and you are not stuck in a long-term contract. Simplisafe is perfect for homeowners who want a simple, effective, and affordable home security system.

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For those who want a more elaborate smart home security system that does more than sound an alarm when a door is opened, Vivint provides the answer. A 24/7 home security system, Vivint has carved out a niche in the popular home security market by adding features that turn your residence into a mini-smart home.


The Vivint home security system offers around-the-clock monitoring with a fast response if an alarm should go off. Also, other features make Vivint unique on the market for such an affordable system.

  • Home Automation Services
  • Remote Monitoring from Devices
  • 7” Touch Screen Panel
  • Two Door/Window Base System Monitoring
  • Motion Sensor

The touch screen panel is the heart of the system, allowing you to view the video, lock or unlock doors, call for emergency services, and even adjust your thermostat if you add the monthly remote fee. Also, you can add more doors and windows for an extra fee. Plus, other extras include the Ping Camera, that allows for two-way communication with a call button, so you can explain what is happening.


Numerous features make Vivint a popular choice with those who want smart home security at a reasonable price.

Remote Control: If you had wondered whether you locked all the doors before you left home, now you can make sure they are locked from any location that has an internet connection. You can also control the cameras and thermostat as well. This remarkable feature is one of the best reasons to have Vivint in your home.

Video Doorbell Camera: Many home security cameras for the doorbell are okay, but Vivint offers a clear, sharp image that is one of the best on the market. It’s a solid image that is sharp, so you can see details of who or what is on your front porch.

Fast Response: When the security monitoring team is alerted, the response time is quick. Not only for intruders, but for natural disasters, fire, or other situation that requires help.


Although Vivint is remarkably good, there are a couple of nits that keep it from being the perfect smart home security system.

Expense: You are going to pay more for a system that offers all these features. The base plan is currently $549 for two doors/window sensors, motion detector, and touch screen. The more you add, the more you will pay.

Remote Access Subscription Fee: For remote access, you will need to pay every month, which again, is annoying if not unexpected.


Nitpicking aside, Vivint is one of the better smart home security systems on the market today even if one of the more expensive versions. It offers a wide range of features, an excellent doorbell camera, and remote control so you can lock your doors, change the thermostat, and adjust your cameras if needed. For those who are looking at more than a bare-bones home security system, Vivint is a great choice. 


Deep Sentinel

In a world of wireless technology, remote-controlled devices, and motion sensors, Deep Sentinel offers an old-fashioned approach to home security. Deep Sentinel is smart home surveillance system that monitors your home with real security guards. This means you don’t have to call out for protection; it is already there.


What makes Deep Sentinel different is that it does use advanced technology but relies on the human component in placing security guards for your home. This is a proactive approach designed not only to stop a crime in its tracks but to prevent it from happening. 

  • Proactive Security System
  • Provides Human Security
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems
  • Protects Privacy
  • Designed by Police Officers

The use of AI means that information is processed based on a given situation. The result is that human security is sent to a location where a possible break-in or emergency is occurring. This means that response times are reduced, false alarms are eliminated, and your privacy is maintained in the community.


There are numerous benefits to choose the Deep Sentinel system. Especially if your residence experiences frequent break-ins or you want to maintain your privacy.

Human Surveillance: The primary advantage of Deep Sentinel is that it offers a proactive human security system for your home. This means that someone is there to ensure that any intrusion, any emergency is dealt with quickly.

Maintain Privacy: Because the security is at your home, there is no need to provide personal information to a remote center or the authorities. You are in control of your privacy when choosing Deep Sentinel.

No False Alarms: One of the banes of most home security systems is the number of false alarms that are generated. Too many and the authorities will no longer respond. With Deep Sentinel, there are no false alarms because the security is right there.


There are a few areas where Deep Sentinel may not be the best choice for your home security needs. This is especially true if you are on a budget.

Expense: You will pay considerably more for the human surveillance that Deep Sentinel provides compared to standard wireless home protection systems. This is a different approach, and because of the personnel involved, you will pay more.

No Smart Home Integration: Unlike typical wireless home protection systems, no panel or device pulls together the security program. This may catch some off guard who was expecting a more traditional system.

Being proactive also means no sensors on the doors or windows. This is because Deep Sentinel offers a proactive approach, not a reactive one.


You are going to pay more for Deep Sentinel that many of the home security systems, but for what they offer it may be worth it depending on your needs. A proactive system that monitors your home with real security guards, Deep Sentinel offers a different approach that may be perfect for homeowners who need beefed up protection. This is an expensive smart home surveillance system, but it is also one of the most effective.