Top 4 Best DNA Testing Kits

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  1. Ancestry
  2. MyHeritage DNA
  3. LingDNA

Runners Up

  • 23andMe
  • Orig3n

Wondering about the history of your ancestors or just curious about where you came from? Many people are, and because of this curiosity, there are lots of DNA testing services out there. We examine the best DNA testing kits available today in 2019.


You are who you are because of what’s inside of you.  Your DNA, to be specific.  However, other than the old tales that Grandpa used to share in your childhood, how much do you really know about where you come from?  Who are you in detail?  By using Ancestry, you can find out all that you ever hoped to and then some with a full DNA story that is location-based.

By testing your DNA, Ancestry will offer you a detailed profile that is focused on your ethnic mix and your location-based history.  For those who know they are from mixed locations (such as England and France throughout time) or those who think they might have traveled widely, Ancestry will tell you all about it in the accuracy of percentages.

You’ll also be able to learn more about your family history as well as even find distant relatives that you never even knew about.  Ancestry is also useful for building a real family tree, helping you to put together the different people in your life so that you can understand how they are all connected.

All for $129, this information will be delivered to you approximately 8 weeks after submitting a saliva sample to their lab.

 MyHeritage DNA

My Heritage

MyHeritage DNA

Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and learn more about your ancestors?  Not just who they are, but what they did?  How they lived?  If so, My Heritage is going to be something that you’ll want to learn about.  A powerful DNA testing facility like this will be able to show you who you are in your genetics and help you span back through the generations as well so that you can see where you came from – and from who. 

You’ll also be able to enjoy the unique addition of learning details about the people that are on your family tree when possible.  You can learn about their lives through historical records and empower yourself with the knowledge that you learn from your past.  You’ll also be able to get access to medical information that could be helpful for down the line.

With a monthly fee for understanding the historical records, and a DNA test option for those that want to make it as specific as possible and expand their family tree, My Heritage is an excellent diverse service to consider when looking specifically at an educational in-depth experience of your ancestors in detail you might not have been able to find elsewhere. 

Living DNA

Living DNA

There is only one “you” in this world, but you also come from a long line of people – some of which you may know, and some of which you may not.  When you are looking to understand how you connect to the ones that came before you, LivingDNA is a significant step to take.  This company focuses on three prongs in terms of their research: family ancestry, motherline, and fatherline.

You’ll be able to take a look at your family line further back than anyone may be able to remember in your household, and in detail.  Your motherline is excellent for tracing your material roots and understanding where your maternal bloodline came from.  Your fatherline is excellent for understanding where your paternal blood comes from as well, as it helps to understand how your ancestors moved from place to place to get you to where you are today. 

LivingDNA is useful for those who have been doing their own ancestry research as well as for those who simply want to know more about who they are and where they come from.  The information is detailed and map-based to help you see it all laid out before you.  All from a simple saliva test.




Whether you already knew this or not, your health is determined by your genes.  This is also the case with your weight loss and overall fitness.  Did you know that VITAGENE can help you to make the most out of your fitness routine by looking into your DNA specifically?  It’s a unique service that is ready to take weight loss and fitness to a whole new level.

You can choose from a series of plans.  The base one is available on sale for $79, and it will help you out with a genetic-based diet as well as offer exercise and supplement recommendations.  You’ll also, however, get ancestry details.  For those that want to learn about where they come from as well as take weight loss and fitness seriously, VITAGENE is an excellent option. 

You can also get skin recommendations and updates, as well as supplement subscriptions when you upgrade to the higher end plans (on sale for $119 and $209, respectively).  In combining ancestry with fitness and health information that will be better for you than fad diets and general dieting, you can give yourself the future that you always wanted.  You can base your future on science instead of relying on half-focused info.

Runners Up!




23 and me website

23andMe Ancestry

Finding out where you come from is essential, but finding out who you come from can be even more critical when you’re looking at understanding yourself as a person as well as part of your ancestral history.  When you are looking at a fast and convenient service, 23AndMe Ancestry can offer everything that you’re looking for.

Focusing their research on each one of your 23 chromosomes, you’ll be able to get access to a comprehensive and accurate genetic package that is going to be carefully verified and delivered right to your doorstep.  Each package of research is going to be made available so that you have a total, complete picture of where you come from.  All you need to do is send in a simple saliva sample to make it work for you. 

The standard $129 package offers you an insight to your Neanderthal ancestry, your DNA family, your DNA relatives, and an ancestry composition write-up that is location specific and goes back more than 500 years.  You can also upgrade to a $249 package that will also give you detailed information related to your health profile as well. This can be especially helpful for those who grew up in non-biological settings.


You know better than anyone who you are, including your fitness struggles, your strengths, and how to feel healthy in your own skin.  However, what if you could take all of those characteristics and back them up with science?  That’s what Orig3n offers with its 3 focused packages.  These DNA packages will help you to gain insight on topics that matter to you and your future.

The first is a fitness DNA test to help you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are in terms of being healthy and fit. Specific exercises may be more harmful than helpful, for example.  The second test is focused on what makes you unique.  Your DNA superpower, if you will.  Are you brilliant?  Really strong?  Your DNA can tell you.  This is great for those who have always felt like the “black sheep” of the family.  The third package is where you can understand your body’s reaction to nutrition.  Why some foods work and taste better than others.  Maybe even learn what superfoods are out there for your genes in particular.  The packages vary in price from $149 to $29 to $149 respectively, so you can pick a plan that is going to work best for your budget as well as your interest.

A FAQ on DNA Testing Kits


Why should I purchase DNA testing kits?

DNA testing kits are useful for people who are curious about their ancestry for personal or academic purposes, such as adopted persons who want to know their biological heritage; people interested to know their geological history; folks who want to know their exact relationship to acquaintances with the same last names and those who are alone and wants to know about distant relatives elsewhere.

Are DNA testing kits easy to use?

DNA Testing kits are quite easy to use. They consist of a couple of tubes, a couple of cotton swabs, a release form and some instructions. It’s as simple as rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of your cheek and seal the sample in the tube. Fill up the form and send the sample for testing.

How long will the results take?

The average time for results to arrive in six to eight weeks, depending on the DNA Testing kit you purchased. Some services even continually send updates.

What Kinds of DNA Testing are performed from DNA Test Kit samples?

Depending on the purchased DNA Testing kit or the test the customer wants to be performed (if available), there are three types of procedures.

Autosomal Tests – the most common matches common DNA from both parents up to all eight great-grandparents. Children get 50% autosomal DNA from both parents.

Y-DNA Tests – DNA testing that establishes family ties. Y-DNA is only available to males and passed down from father to son. This enables individuals to trace common paternal ancestors.

mDNA Tests – This DNA type is passed down from mother to both male and female offspring and is useful for individuals to locate common maternal ancestors.

Can I contact still living persons that appear in my family tree?

Some customers actually want to get in touch with their kin, but some don’t. DNA test providers allow access to contact information for family members to get in touch.

Can I keep my information private?

Yes. Some customers may only wish to know their family history but keep their lives private. DNA test providers also allow the option for test-takers to keep their privacy through profile settings.

Are DNA Testing kit results compatible with other providers?

Mostly yes. DNA Testing kit providers allow for the migration of results from other services in a process known as imputation. Results can be exported from one service and imported to another in case users wish for better answers but will have to subscribe to the other service.

Are DNA Testing Kits available worldwide?

Almost. Some countries and territories have restrictions and legal issues when it comes to DNA testing such as Israel, Alaska, and some French island territories. While not strictly illegal, DNA testing is limited to some groups, and providers of DNA Testing kits and DNA tests avoid these issues altogether.

Can I request for my results to be erased?

Yes. DNA Testing kit providers can delete your results upon request or allow you to remove them yourself on your results page/s.

Can anyone else access my DNA results?

DNA results are stored by DNA Testing kit providers for genealogical research and are accessed by the researchers. DNA results cannot be accessed by anyone outside the labs, including the owners themselves. Results owners are allowed to set their profiles to private.