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Why Incfile For LLC Filings?

Affordable, Professional & Prompt LLC Filing Assistance

If you plan on forming a corporate or non-profit LLC, then you need the assistance of a professional LLC filing company.

Incfile provides professional services that will help you create your new business, whether it is a corporate or non-profit and regardless of industry.

Let’s take a closer look at LLCs and why so many new business owners are choosing Incfile to help them form LLCs.

What Is An LLC?

An LLC (or a Limited Liability Company) is a unique type of business that combines characteristics of traditional corporations and partnerships; LLCs have the taxation of a partnership with the limited liability of a corporation, creating a unique situation that is often described as the “best of both worlds.”

LLCs have somewhat flexible ownership options and less rigid requirements than other types of business incorporations, which is why they are becoming a highly popular option for new businesses and small businesses alike.

Forming an LLC allows you to separate your business as its legal entity with its debts and legal status; although your taxes will still be tied to an LLC, its separation from your personal assets can be beneficial.

Why People Are Choosing LLCs

There are many reasons why people are choosing to form LLCs more often now than ever before. The primary attractions of forming an LLC for new business include:

  • Limited Liability Protection; only the LLC is liable for debts and legal liabilities, rather than the owner (or business members) themselves
  • Pass-Through Taxation; pass-through taxation allows for taxes to be ‘passed through’ to the personal income of the primary owner and business members
  • Fewer Ownership Restrictions; Foreign nationals can own and become members of LLC since there are no restrictions regarding residency or citizenship
  • Minimal Compliance requirements; Compared to other types of businesses, LLCs have very few compliance requirements–for instance, LLCs do not have annual meeting requirements in the same way a standard corporation does.

These are just a few of the benefits of forming an LLC.

Incfile’s Services

A sample of some of Incfile’s business formation services,

  • Prepare the articles of organization
  • Research LLC name availability
  • Set up a business account (Bank of America only)
  • Create the statement and designation of the “organizer.”
  • Provide business tax consultation
  • Assist with filing for an employer identification number
  • Prepare and file IRS form 2553
  • Draft operating agreement
  • A business formation checklist
  • Provide registered agent services to handle correspondence.

Incfile Plans

If you want to form an LLC company, Incfile is there to prepare and assist you every step of the way.

Incfile can help you prepare and file the necessary articles of organization; research name availability for your LLC.

  • Set up a business banking account (Bank of America only).
  • Create the statement and designation of the organizer; provide business tax consultation.
  • Help you file for an employer identification number or Tax ID; prepare and submit your IRS Form 2553.
  • Draft an operating agreement; and much more.


Incfile can also help you with your Registered Agent needs. LLCs are required to have a Registered Agent, which is a designated address for any official state or federal correspondence, such as legal and tax-related correspondence.

Incfile registered agent service

Incfile can provide Registered Agent services for just $119.00 per year; they will file your correspondence to your contact address.

1st Year Free

If you use Incfile to file your LLC, you will receive one free year of Registered Agent services.

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Incfile is often listed as one of the best LLC formation services on lists around the web and they are near the top of our Top 4 Best LLC Services

If you are ready to form your LLC with the most professional filing service in the industry, contact Incfile with your information today. 


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