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Did you know that Alibaba reviews can reveal a lot about a supplier?

Do you want to learn how to safely purchase from Alibaba without being scammed?

Because of the quality of its services and features, Alibaba has attracted a lot of attention. Many businesses choose to buy from Alibaba due to the lower prices than the rest of the globe.

Yes, does offer a secure platform. There are still many fraudsters on the site. You can avoid Alibaba scams by reading about customer reviews.

This guide will help you understand the authenticity of reviews on Alibaba and how to get the information you need. This article contains information on how to safely buy from Alibaba.

Customer reviews can reveal a lot about a supplier. It can tell you more about the supplier than what they talk about. It allows you to see the customer’s past experiences with that supplier. The question is, what do Alibaba reviews reveal and what does it prove?

1. Alibaba Reviews can verify the authenticity of the supplier.

Reviews are very important for any seller on Alibaba. It shows potential buyers the quality of the supplier’s products. Alibaba Reviews can be a great source of information about the seller’s inventory, as well as whether or not the quality is legitimate.

Positive Alibaba reviews are a simple way to tell if the seller is genuine and is delivering what he/she promised.

2. Alibaba Positive Reviews help Suppliers to Get the Alibaba Trade Assurance Badge

The Trade assurance symbol can be a crucial factor in Alibaba shopping. It protects you against scams. It’s a secure payment system that benefits both seller and buyer.

Alibaba grants this symbol to sellers who are verified in all possible ways (factory address verification and personal information verification), positive reviews, performance index, and so on.

A trade assurance symbol means that a supplier is completely legitimate and provides quality services. This means that at least 80% of the supplier’s reviews must be positive.

3. Alibaba Reviews can help you judge the response time of your supplier.

In the reviews section, you’ll also find information about the response time of suppliers. Alibaba defines this as the “average time it took for a supplier to reply to each buyer’s first message.”

This is how long it takes for the supplier to respond to your message. This will give you an average time to select the supplier.

Choose the one that responds in less than five hours. You can read reviews to find out how responsive the supplier is.

4. Alibaba Reviews proves that they deliver on-time

The supplier’s on-time delivery rate indicates whether they have delivered the product within the specified time. This is important, just like the response time.

Most top sellers deliver at a rate of 90%. You can find out from Alibaba reviews if previous buyers if the supplier delivers products within the promised delivery time.

5. Suppliers’ online performance index

Alibaba takes great care to verify suppliers so you are protected from scammers. A modern verification system has been implemented by Alibaba to verify that the supplier is legitimate and that they are providing real products.

This system verifies sellers and gives them a rating on the online performance index. Alibaba rates this index based on quality, shipping time, and customer support the supplier offers.

This index can be used to help you choose the right supplier. Higher indexes indicate a better supplier.

You can double-check that the Index is authentic by looking at customer reviews. The Performance Index can sometimes show that a supplier is excellent, but customer reviews will reveal his real performance based on real experiences.

All of the points above are based on customer reviews. Once a buyer confirms they received the product, they will be taken to the page to rate the supplier. These ratings are used to calculate the above-mentioned points.

Chapter 2 – Real Reviews from Alibaba and Their Analysis

Alibaba reviews are very important and sellers should strive to obtain the best reviews. One negative review can have a significant impact on the future sales of a supplier. Some people try to fake Alibaba reviews in order to prevent this from happening.

This chapter will cover the analysis and reviews of Alibaba.

1. How can you tell a fake review from one that is genuine?

It is important to know how to verify that the review has been genuine.

If you have had the opportunity to buy from Alibaba, you can verify that the review is genuine. Here are some tips to help new buyers spot a fake review.

  • Compare the history of the company with Alibaba Reviews

Take a moment to look at two things when you arrive at the product page for a seller. The first is the history of the seller. The history of the supplier is the second. If the supplier has only 9 (90%) of 10 positive reviews, it is possible to conclude that it has fake reviews.

It can take up to 2 years for a seller on Alibaba to become a household name. There is a possibility that it will have 8-9 positive reviews from 10. Avoid such sellers if possible.

Before deciding if reviews are real, you need to check other factors. Let’s continue reading to learn more about these other factors.

  • Seller received all 5-star reviews

You can also navigate to the review history of the seller. Let’s suppose that there are 50 reviews for a seller on this page. Do all reviews contain a 5-star rating or less? If so, you should move on from this seller.

It is unlikely that every buyer will leave a 5-star review. This is because buyers often have to deal with Chinese sellers. They don’t leave 5-star reviews.

It is not a good idea to read all 5-star reviews. Look at the below example of reviews. This shows that the buyer is legitimate. It has shown its appreciation for the comments. One buyer gave it a 2-star rating and expressed genuine satisfaction.

2. Are all the reviews on Alibaba fakes?

Not all reviews on Alibaba are fake. When rating a supplier, everyone is honest with their opinion. It can sometimes lead to bad deals due to shipping delays or suppliers not understanding your requirements.

The buyer is now able to leave the 3-star rating. Sometimes you can get a great deal, so it is a full 5 star rating. We have provided tips in the section above to help you determine if the review is genuine or fake so that it is easy to see the details and how to avoid being scammed.

3. Robots can create reviews to deceive buyers.

The world is shifting towards futuristic solutions. Hackers are also moving towards futuristic solutions. They use bots, also known as robots, to create fake reviews. They cannot use it on Alibaba.

Alibaba employs a strong security system to determine if the review was written by a robot. It will remove the review from the page if it is. You can also check the history of the company to see if the review was missed.

4. Is it possible for a seller to delete negative reviews left by genuine customers on Alibaba?

A seller of Alibaba cannot remove a negative review from his page. That is a positive thing.

Any seller who wishes to remove a negative review from the page must contact Alibaba officials to request removal. Alibaba will not remove a negative review if it is in violation of its policies.

Alibaba Reviews

Chapter 3 – What should you look for in Alibaba reviews before placing an order

People complain every now and again that they did not have a good experience buying from Alibaba. This is because they don’t know what to expect when placing an order. Here’s what you can do.

1. See what others have to say about the supplier

Alibaba reviews offer buyers the opportunity to share their shopping experiences. You can relate to any aspect of your buying experience. What was their experience with the supplier? Did they have any problems?

We are trying to convey that reviews can reveal a lot about a supplier. Seek out what other buyers have to say about the supplier. This will assist you in deciding whether or not to choose this supplier.

2. Check out the Alibaba Reviews of Buyers to see how suppliers are responding.

Sellers and suppliers know that their customers are important. Let’s suppose that a buyer mentions that he received an unfinished toy. This is where you can see the response of the supplier to your comment.

Are they responding professionally or just a one-word response? This will allow you to see the whole picture, even if you’re not actually dealing with the supplier.

A supplier’s reply can show whether he cares about the customer or is just trying to attack the customer to prove he hasn’t made any mistakes. Good suppliers will listen to customers and offer solutions.

3. Check out what suppliers have to say about themselves through Alibaba Reviews

Let’s suppose that you have reached out to the supplier about an electronic weight scale. Check out the information that the supplier gives about his company. The supplier will most likely state that he is a professional in the field.

You will need to verify the information by reading through the reviews section. It is okay if someone has written that the supplier was professional. You can also check the information about the supplier that you have received by using Google.

The idea is to confirm everything a supplier says and then look for clues in the Alibaba Reviews.

4. Verify the ratings of the supplier

Last but not least, before you place an order, make sure to do one thing. This is to verify the supplier’s ratings. We have already mentioned the performance index point in the first chapter. This is how ratings work.

Before ordering the product, read through it. Check out reviews and compare ratings if a supplier’s rating on Alibaba is 5 stars. If the supplier has negative reviews, it is likely that something is wrong with his rating.

Section 4: Why you see negative reviews on Alibaba

alibaba reviews

Yes, we heard people complain about the poor shopping experience at Alibaba. Let’s face it, Alibaba isn’t to blame. Let’s clear the air, and see what is actually going on.

1. Sometimes, you need to order from a bad seller

Alibaba customers have stated that every once in a while they had to deal directly with bad suppliers. We mean suppliers who failed to deliver on your requests or who did not communicate well with you.

Alibaba will do everything possible to prevent you from dealing with these sellers. You can look at reviews and make a decision based on these suppliers.

2. Alibaba counterfeit problem

Alibaba, like the verification, is also working to combat counterfeit products. When you receive the Nike shoes, the Nike logo is not on them.

Many customers don’t know that these branded items can be fake, even though they are sold on Alibaba. The Alibaba team takes strong action against these suppliers, but they open a new store under a different name and ID.

This is why you might get inferior quality or copy products. This buyer will most likely leave negative feedback about the supplier.

3. The supplier shouldn’t be responsible for long shipping times.

Nearly 60% of buyers claim that Alibaba shipping takes too long. This is not the fault either of Alibaba or the supplier.

Shipping can sometimes take a while because the customs officers aren’t fast enough or the shipping routes.

These issues can lead to negative reviews on Alibaba, but that does not necessarily mean the supplier is bad.

4. Refunds from Alibaba delayed processing

Alibaba is a large platform that facilitates millions of transactions every day. There is a section for refunds, but it can be slow because there are many refund requests.

Buyers usually receive the refund within the time specified. Alibaba will check your request for a refund to ensure that both sides are satisfied.

We have decided to clean up the Alibaba image because we believe that customers don’t understand why this is happening. This is why they leave negative reviews. There is always the possibility that a buyer received a counterfeit product due to long shipping times.

Alibaba is not to blame. Alibaba is committed to providing a seamless buying experience. They also provide security updates from time to time.

Chapter 5. How to make a safe purchase from Alibaba

Let’s discuss how to buy from Alibaba without being scammed. These tips will assist you in obtaining the best Alibaba buying experience.

1. Verified suppliers available on Alibaba

First and foremost, you should only buy from certified suppliers. After passing a series of assessments and inspections, suppliers on Alibaba receive the verified badge.

If you’re buying from a supplier make sure to look at their logo and verify that they are verified. You will be able to avoid being scammed and get a high-quality product.

2. Verify if trade assurance is offered by the supplier

Alibaba offers trade assurance. Trade assurance is a way to protect your money. The idea is that the money you pay for the product does not go to its supplier.

Alibaba holds this money in escrow. Alibaba will release the payment to the supplier once you have received the product and verified that it is what you ordered. Trade assurance is an option that can help you buy with confidence. Check to see if your supplier offers it.

3. Always choose gold suppliers

Gold supplier status is awarded to suppliers who provide quality products. Scammers often seek out free accounts. Gold suppliers must pay a fee to open an account.

It is a good idea to order from gold suppliers as they are available to do business. It is important to note that just because a gold supplier is listed, it does not necessarily mean that scammers are unlikely. The chances of being scammed by Gold suppliers are still very low.

4. Verify if the supplier has done an assessment

Alibaba conducts a series of supplier assessments, similar to verification. These assessments can relate to their quality, production line, and so forth.

This type of inspection can also be done by third-party inspection firms. Alibaba/inspection agency issues a certificate confirming that the supplier has passed an assessment and is providing high-quality products. These extra assessments should be sought out by suppliers.

5. Always use secure payment methods

Secure payment methods are the last thing you should mention when discussing safe buying. Once you have placed your order, it’s time to pay the supplier. Use secure payment methods

Alibaba Trade Assurance is the best choice for secure payments. Bank to Bank transfer is also an option, but ensure that the money goes to an official company account.

Section 6: FAQs about Alibaba Reviews

1. Is Alibaba legal and safe?

If we are talking about Alibaba, then Alibaba is safe. Sometimes, however, you may deal with a scammer and this can lead to high costs.

Alibaba’s security platform is used to identify such suppliers. It takes action if the supplier has not been verified or has a poor review history.

2. What type of secure payment options does Alibaba offer?

These payment options are available on Alibaba

  1. Alibaba Trade Assurance
  2. AliPay
  3. PayPal
  4. Credit Cards
  5. Transfer to your bank directly

Alibaba Trade Assurance is the most secure method of payment because it offers an escrow option that can be used to protect money from scams.

3. Is it possible to judge the quality of a supplier’s product based on past comments and reviews?

We can assess the quality of a product by reading reviews from past buyers. Positive reviews will be posted if the supplier offers good quality. Negative reviews will be posted. These reviews speak volumes about the product and not the supplier.

4. Can Alibaba Trade Assurance help to prevent scams?


Trade assurance was introduced by Alibaba to protect buyers from being scammed. Trade assurance retains the money and pays the supplier only if the product is satisfactory. It will return it to you if it doesn’t.

5. How do you buy safe from Alibaba after reading its reviews?

You can read the reviews and make a decision about whether you want to buy.

  • Verify if the supplier is a Gold member
  • Make sure to check if it has additional assessments
  • Make sure it offers trade assurance


You can feel confident buying from Alibaba if you read the reviews. These reviews will tell you a lot about the supplier’s quality and whether they are a good partner.

EJET created this guide to explain what Alibaba reviews are, and how you can use them when placing an order. This guide is intended to help you avoid scams.

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